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Spa Bed


I went to a friends party and she had two therapist there giving massages.  I received the longest session they were offering that night. Not only was I so relaxed.  I watched them make $200 iN an hour (CHICHING) and told myself I was in the wrong field of work.  Shortly after that I enrolled in school.  After learning all the benefits of massage my drive and passion changed.  It was no longer about the money though it is nice but. It became more about helping others and the many benefits of massage. I  graduated from Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in 2014. We opened a location in Avon that didn't do too well.  Instead of moving to a different location I decided to take a break and focus solely on raising my children.


Still doing travel events like The SHEEvent and other organizations.  So many people were asking for full body massages.  Instead of traveling I decided to find a location.  In April of 2019 I got a small suite in Plainfield.  After being there a month I outgrew that space and needed a bigger suite.  The growth continued and in 2020 we moved in our very own building. Fast forward to now first giving God all the credit then immediately after our amazing staff we have two buildings where we offer an array of options from massage, yoni steam, facials, teeth whitening, post op care and body contouring just to name a few.


My name is LaKia Reynolds. I was raised on the west side of Indianapolis in
a single parent household. My Mother made ends meet and it stopped
there. No leisure money to spend and most certainly not for self care.
Because this was the norm for my community, we lack the understanding
for the need of selfcare. Although my vision is big my mission is to always
provide luxury affordable self care for the ones who came up like myself.

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